Restaurant Delvite Varna

A cozy place for delicious bulgarian food


Delicious and with-love-prepared and served food is an innevitable part of our vaccation in a foreign country or a city. 

Delvi are antient pots that had been used for storage of crops, olive oils or wine. They could be in different sizes - from few santimeters to more than 3,5 metres. You can see middle sized delvis in the big cozy garden , as far as inside the restaurant.

person holding white clay pot

In the family restaurant Delvite you easily become a member of it for 3 reasons:

- Definitely the food is not the typical bulgarian cuisine that every restaurant serves. It is something different - it is the updated contemporary version of delicious Bulgarian food. It is served in pottery and in interesting wooden pots, garnished with fresh herbs or additives. In Delvite you can always have fresh fish, meat and vegetables from their garden. 

-The garden and the main halls are arranged in stone walls and tables, which perfectly fits the wrought iron of chairs. It gives you the feeling for beeng in a misterious place from antient times - intersting signs on the walls, wooden curtains and beuatiful massive stone tables that gives you a sence of mystery

yellow-petaled flower

 - The staff is maybe the most memorable part of the restaurant, because you can be served by a servant that makes you his/her best friend during the dinner. The young owner is helping to the servants at the busiest time not only by saying jokes.

To be honest, for the quality of this place and it's food testify the fact that it is visited mostly from bulgarians. This is a testimonial for the quality of the fresh food and friendly service.

Oh, not to forget:| there is a place for smller guests to play after they finish their dinner/lunch. :)  

And because the restaurant is situated outside, but closely to Varna, it is a good idea to book a transfer to there, as well as to make a reservation for Delvite restaurant. Enjoy!

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