Where marine salt and mud become our best friends

Health with sea water and ... a mud bath

Close to Varna, only an hour and a half by car, is situated a cute place - Pomorie, where you can find a unique mixture for the soul and for... the body.

Pomorie is an old city, settled around 700 b.Cr. by Romans as part of Roman empire. Romans had discovered that in this small city, called then Anhialo, was hidden a precious treasure - healthy mud that cures many diseases. That's why nowadays Pomorie is still one of the most attractive place for the contemporary people, needed some rest or mud-bath procedures.

You can make a precious gift to your body and soul, visiting the Free mud baths, as they are in between the Pomorian lake and the sea. The composition of the mud is unique and is beneficial for the joints health, backache, osteochondrosis and other pathologies, connected with the skeletal system: there is a high quantity of sulfur (S) in Pomorian mud, as well as iron (Ferrum) and also has alkaline PH. The levels of the sulfor diminish with the years in the human body and no additives could replace it. But the sulfur could be easily absorbed through the skin and it's levels could be restored. 

Easy accomodation

There are plenty of private houses and hotels to book for few days staying in Pomorie. This would be a great opportunity to grant your body and to restore your spirit for better adaptation in this funny( or crazy :) ) world.

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