Exploring Provadia:

Unvelling Europe's Oldest Salt Production SiteJourney from the Aincient Past to a Charming Modern Site

Provadia is situated aound 50 kilometers from Varna. A highway is taking you to Provadia town in just 40 minutes.

Transfer Varna Tip: 

For travelers seeking a day trip from Varna, a swift 40- minute highway journey leads straight to the historical wonders of Provadia. The town, steeped in hystory, guards its enigmatic past:

Must see:

- The fortress Ovech, builded during the Roman empire is turned now in an attractive place for visiting. There is a long restored wooden path on a plateau that brings you to the fortress. It offers a breathtaking panorama throughout the ascent. 

What to do?

- Extend your exploration beyond the fortress.  A 20 - minutes walk leads to an antient rock Monastery, a place of serene spirituality. Experience the hallowed grounds, accessible only by kneeling, where the echoes of prayers from ancient monks linger.

Uncover Provadia - solnitsata:

- The prehistoric complex Provadia-Solnitsata is located near the modern city of Provadia. It represents the remains of the oldest salt production center in Europe (5600 - 4350 BC), which became the first prehistoric urban center on our continent (4700 - 4350 BC).

Local Delights:

- Hystorical museum, beautiful orthodox church and delitious lunch could be part of your afternoon in a day spent in Provadia. We can suggest you to visit the traditional restaurant in Provadia, nestled in the heart of the town. 


The historical castle and it's garden