Varna Dolphinarium

Dolphins are much closer than you think

Dolphinarium - the must see in Varna

There is one place in Varna you can enjoy tne companionship of real dolphins on just one hand distance! And to appreciate their unique intellect by following them in the dolphin's performance every day from the week except Mondays. 

Varna dolphinaruim opens it's doors in 1984 and since then there are already two generations of bottled noses dolphins, born and raised up in it. Highly specialized trainers are doing a great job In every day workouts with their graduates and bring a lot of emotions and memories not only in children, but their parents as well.

You can attend dolphin's show and if you or your child is brave enough, can swim with the dolphins inside the pool. 

But if you prefer just to observe the smooth dolphin's movements in the pool, sitting close to the glass wall of the pool bottom of Dolphinarium, then you could visit the coffee shop just behind the main entrance. There you can feel the thrill of the real dolphin's proportions and to have a look on their under water life - their movements, habits and mood. 

All this come together with the possibility to do this in the most green and wild part of Varna - the Sea Garden , an oasis close to the coast and city center at the same time.

To be truly memorable since then, you also can arrange a private party-a birthday or even a wedding in the Dolphinarium Varna. Whatever to be - it's important you'll be close to these creatures-they are one of the smartest and the most intuitive animals in the world.  

All the activities and workouts with dolphins are fully in line with european Animal protection law.

Children are those who most appreciate a real possibility to swim with dolphins safely in the pool under the professional supervision of skillful trainers. This was exactly the story of my bigger son when he was 4 years old. During the one hour real dolphin show at one moment the trainer asked for children to raise their hands if they want to be in a boat in the dolphins. My son raised his hand and run downstairs to the pool, jumped into an inflatable boat and in the next fifteen minutes he had his life moment.

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