Unique combination of ancient history and modernity

The name of the city - what does it mean and from where does it come?

Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria and the biggest city in the East cost of the country. It's life started as a Thracian seaside settlement and during the ages it turned into the major seaport at the Black sea.

First mentions of the name come in the 6th to 7th centuries.  Most probably, it means 'town on water'.

Varna became part of the Roman Empire in 15 AD. 

Vikings invaded the settlement during the Middle Ages. The name may be older than that; perhaps it derives from the proto-indo-european root *u̯er- "to flow, wet, water, river"

 A legend or a real story, doesn't matter. What is important is that even today people who are living in Varna, are still having these genes of stability, permanence and sedentariness. It is difficult to move Varna's residents to live in the inland of the country away from the sea views, from the beautiful cost and wild nature around Varna and from the real fresh sea food everywhere in this region. 

body of water under cloudy sky during daytime

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Kaliakra- where the land enters far in the Black sea