The sea from a bike

So called "active resting" is resently the way of resting for the majority of tourists, despite their age (Just because the soul age is completely different from biological one). Organizing your holiday through different activities is bringing a dose of endorphins in your blood and brain. The final result is satisfaction, openmindness and joy.

Our suggestion

To hire a bike(in case you did't bring yours) and to discover the most green healthy place it Varna-the Sea garden, situated as close to the city center as to the sea.

You can rent a bike on the main entrance of Varna Sea garden, close to the Sun clock. The "Rent a bike" company is opened from April to October, offers different kinds of bikes for different ages, including children, for 2.5 euro per hour. Normaly you are needed 2-3 hours to look through the garden.

You have two bike options:

First: after entering the Sea Garden, take the sharp left area and you will find yourself in the most green, healthy and pulsating heart of Varna city. Almost 5 kilometers long bike area will bring you through amazing sea views, sport facilities, hystorical summer villas, hotels and restaurants. During the summer period you will definitely benefit from the thick shadows of almost hundreds of years beeches and oaks, pines and thujas. Under the trees there are thousands of benches you could relax. 

Second: After entering the Sea garden, go strait through a slope to the sea, then left and you are on a 5-kilometers long bycicle line that is on a hand distance from the sea. 

woman in gray sweater sitting on black steel bench during daytime

Beach Tips and Tricks:

Be prepared in advance and bring your swimming suits with you. It could be a moment decision to dive into the flattering sea waters or to have a sun bath on the thin, smooth, golden sands.

black and blue bicycle with basket

Nevertheless what option you are choosing, you definitely have to stop for a drink - coffee, tea, beer, cocktail or a glass of wine. This will enrich your bike Varna experience with a local and salty taste of both-sea and the drink you prefer  . 

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