Saints Constantine and Helena Resort

Saints Constantine and Helena resort is a beautiful oasis 2 km away from urban Varna, 10 km from Varna airport and 7 kilometers south of Golden Sands and attracts yearly thousands of tourists for it's wide and wild forest park, mineral springs and amusement activities.

The resort beach is one of the prettiest in the North Black sea coast with it's wide thin sandy area and warm calm waters.

There are plenty of hotels on the sea cost or under the trees in the forest. Many of them have private pools and activities for children. Many restaurants with fresh sea food, local wines and amazing sea view could be your choice for romantic dinner.

The name of the resort comes from an Orthodox monastery of Sts Constantine and Helena, build in 16th century. Keep in mind that from 13th to 19th century Bulgaria has been under Otomanian rule and the constructions of Orthodox monasteries and churches had to be dug into the ground. Today this small and prety well preserved cute monastery is with every-day open doors for visitors from 9 to 17.

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