Golden Sands

Real and legendary resort

Goden Sands? You deserve it!

Golden Sands is a popular resort located on the Bulgarian Black sea cost, near the city of Varna. The resort is well known for it's golden thin sandy beaches, surrounded by natural parks, providing many opportunities for outdoor activities:

1. Beach activities: enjoy the golden sandy beaches and take part in various water sports: jet-skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, banana boat rides or beach volleyball.

 2. Nature parks: discover the Golden Sands Nature Park with it's unique flora nad fauna. Biking, hiking and bird-watching are popular activities. 

3. Nightlife: Golden Sands is well known with it's vibrant nightlife with numerous bars, clubs and beach parties, which makes it an atractive destination for energetic evenings lovers.

4. Children: Golden Sands is absolutely suitable for families with children. It offers a range of family-friendly activities: swimming, snorkeling or pedal boating in the calm, warm and shallow waters; Aquapolis Water Park.

5. Boat trips: The boat excursions are an opportunity to break the rutine and to discover nearby coves or sea caves. 

Golden Sands - the legend:

An interesting legend associated with Golden Sands is the story of a group of Thrakian warriors. According to the legend, these warriors were invincible. Once they were seeking a place to settle and they prayed to the gods for guidance. Then gods created Golden Sands, a land along the Black Sea coast near Varna. The gods endowed this place with golden thin sand surrounded by a lush greenery, providing the perfect setting for the wariors to rest after a year full of battles. 

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